National Poetry Month Links Roundup

April is almost over, so it’s time for ye olde links roundup! To finish up my month-long celebration of National Poetry Month, I’ve compiled a list of favorite posts I found this year. If you’re in a hurry, I’ve put my must-reads in bold and noted the line with a ~ symbol!

What You Might Have Missed Here

Why You Should Read Poetry (Even if You Think You Hate it)

~“Unpack the Poem: Inland by Edna St. Vincent Millay <– Includes audio of me reading the poem. (I PUT MY VOICE ON THE INTERNET FOR YOU PEOPLE!)

Titling Poems” <– Thoughts, tips, and brainstorming help for poets.

The Fox Pup of Big Blue Mountain” <– One of my poems

And all of my other poetry-related posts are archived in this poetry category tag.


~“My Garden” by Theodora Goss at

Savior” by Joseph A. Pinto

~“Whimsy” by Christine L. Arnold

Book Spine Poem Gallery” at School Library Journal

Which reminds me of my old post “Book Title Poems

A Flower Bed Graveyard” by Tyler Allen Penny at Deep South Magazine’s Southern Voice

~“Try This” by Bryan Thao Worra

Song of the Thrush” by Jason Brightwell at Eunoia Review

Hades and Persephone” by Jo Walton at

Six Poems” by Jonathan Galassi at Paris Review (2 for free)

For Readers

9 Poems That Will Change Your Mind About Poetry” by Robbie Blair at LitReactor

Five Reasons Why We Need Poetry in Schools” by Elena Aguilar at Edutopia

50 Essential Books of Poetry That Everyone Should Read” at Flavorwire

~“5 Questions for Poets: Part 1” and “5 Questions for Poets: Part 2” by Jonathan Hobratsch at Huff Post Books

30 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month” at

~“38 Gifted Poets on Twitter” by Matt Petronzio at Mashable <– Admittedly, I haven’t had time to go through this yet, but I have it bookmarked for future stalking following.

What is Nature Poetry?” podcast by Hannah Fries at Orion Magazine <–Long but interesting discussion.

For Poets & Writers

~“Poetry Turnoffs: Styles And Formatting That Make Editors Cringe” at Writer’s Relief <– I can tell you just from judging a few poetry contests that this is absolutely true and a must, MUST read for poets.

A Poetic Recap” by Carie Juettner <– A casual review of the Austin International Poetry Festival (AIPF)

How To Write Good Rhyming Poetry” at Writer’s Relief

~“Finding another language” by Jaswinder Bolina at The Writer  <– Great post about how to un-stick a stuck poem (changing voice)

How Poetry Can Help Fiction Writers” by Jolene Paternoster at Write to Sell Your Book


And there you have it! Those are the best links I stumbled across this year. Happy National Poetry Month, and happy browsing.

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