Fear, Pain, and Writing

I am so honored today to be hosted at Fear of Writing by the lovely Milli Thornton. The post, “Facing My Fear of Writing Through Pain,” is a follow-up to the post “Writing Through Pain” that I wrote last year for Beyond the Margins (another great honor). In it, I talk about what happened when I finally did sit down and write out that grief. It’s a very emotional and (hopefully) uplifting post. I hope you’ll visit me there.

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  • Pegab

    Congratulations on another blog post, written with authenticity and courage! How meaningful to have written it on his birthday. I really agree that grief softens us, if we let it.

    • Thank you! I’m always kind of amazed by how often I find myself subconsciously thinking that soft = weak, but that’s not the case at all. It felt good to write; I’m glad you liked it.