Work Mileage Tracking Chart

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If you file taxes as a writer (or any occupation, really), it’s time to start tracking your work mileage. Driving to and from critique group meetings, conferences, speaking engagements, book signings, etc. are all valid work expenses that can go towards your mileage deduction. It might sound overwhelming, but if you get in the habit of resetting your odometer before each work trip and recording the mileage when you get home, totaling it up at the end of the year will be a breeze.

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I recommend that you print this chart (For those of you unfamiliar with Excel, the best way to print this is to highlight the relevant cells (A1-G100) and “print selection” with the option to “fit all columns on one page.”) and keep it in your car on a clipboard or in a folder. As always, feel free to modify the chart each year or to suit your specific needs. Happy tracking!

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