Potential Agent Interview

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Most writers dream of that fateful day when an agent calls and offers representation. Dreaming is great, but it’s best to be prepared. If you’ve had agents request your manuscript, I recommend keeping this document at a readily available place on your computer. Before accepting representation, I would consider these questions. You don’t need to ask them all – and of course you can add in your own – but this is a good way to get the conversation going in the right directions.

agent interview

This list reflects the questions that I found most important and most telling during my own agent calls. I also put them in the order they seemed to flow, although be prepared to jump around if your agent answers some things before you ask. I recommend printing out a copy to write on by hand (it’s hard to type on the phone) and then typing up everything you can remember as soon as you hang up.

My questions here are phrased as “I” and “you” so that when the nerves are riding high you can just read straight from this list without fumbling for words.

Here’s hoping you have to use it – soon!

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