Character Chart Template

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Are you having trouble pinning down your characters? Feel like you don’t know them all as fully as you’d like? Struggling to keep track of eye colors and heights? I’ve got you covered.

charcter chart

I believe it’s vital to know details about every single character you write. Major and minor. If they appear in more than one scene, they get a column in my character charts. At the very least, all of your major players should have backgrounds, goals, and motivations. The more carefully you fill this chart out – taking the time to think about conflicts, the emotional implications of your choices, etc. – the stronger your characters will be for it in the end.

Flaws make characters relatable. Soft spots make them endearing. Their identity and motivations make them real. Tweak as desired. And as always, feel free to ask questions in the comments!

PS- Like my fake info? Feel free to take it. I don’t write romance, and I certainly wouldn’t write romance about a man who owns a Greek restaurant. It’s all yours. To clear my example information, simply highlight the cells you want to empty and push “delete” (not “backspace”).

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