Regina Richards

Headshot - Regina RichardsRegina Richards lives in North Texas. She is a National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award winner and a Brenda Novak Mentorship Contest finalist. When she isn’t writing gothic suspense, fantasy adventure, or cozy love stories, she enjoys traveling with her husband and spending time with her three adult children. Her works include The Blue Breeze, The Moss Mist, and Blood Marriage. Visit her at



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  • Regina, thank you so much for sharing your office with us! There are so many things to love here. I’m obsessed with your above-window shelves. I like that you used them for special treasures, but I can also see someone doing that for overflow books or beautiful display books. (And who doesn’t need more room for books?) And I’m super jealous of the fact that you have a fireplace in your office!! If I had one I would have a fire gong year-round… which is probably why it’s a good thing that I don’t.

    “Everyone should have mice in their house” is my new favorite Regina quote. 🙂

    • Regina Richards

      Thank you for hosting me, Annie! This was fun! I do love the fireplace. Faux flames dance in it either with or without heat so it’s a great atmosphere setter for writing gothic stories.

  • Peggy

    What a lovely, elegant room, so full of meaningful things & beautiful things! I’m so taken with your window treatments & shelves, and it appears that you must have covered the chair seats in that same lovely fabric. Thanks for sharing!

    • Regina Richards

      Thank you. I special ordered the shelves and waited a ridiculous amount of time for them to arrive, but they were worth the wait.

  • Angi Morgan

    Elegant and lovely, just like the author.

    • Regina Richards

      Aww..You are so sweet. Thanks, Angi. But my writing space doesn’t hold a candle to yours, which is an eye-candy riot.

  • Jerrie Alexander

    Regina, your office is lovely. You have decorating skills to compliment your writing ability!

    • Regina Richards

      Thanks, Jerrie. Speaking of lovely…the cover of your newest release , No Greater Hell, is delicious.