Julia Munroe Martin

Julia Munroe MartinJulia Munroe Martin lives in an old house in southern coastal Maine with her husband (known on her blog as MEH, My Engineer Husband) and Abby, the sweetest black Lab you’ll ever meet. When she’s not on the road, you’ll usually find Julia at her dining room table, where she is happiest and most comfortable with her family or when writing or researching her next story.

You can connect with Julia on her website www.JuliaMunroeMartin.com and on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. She writes a bi-monthly post for Writer Unboxed and is the WU guest post coordinator. Julia’s also a member of the Great New Books team of amazing readers/writers.


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  • Julia, I adore your office! There’s much to love here: the wonderful architecture in the molding and staircase, the beautiful wood desk (that’s my favorite wood tone; yes I have a favorite wood tone), the sweet mementos from your kids and husband, and of course that fall foliage! I also smiled to see the same wicker basket my parents had; we kept newspapers and magazines in ours, too. 🙂 And my brother and I made that same type of mask in art when were kids. This looks like such a happy place to write. Thank you so much for sharing your space with all of us!

    • Julia Munroe Martin

      It was completely my pleasure, Annie! So glad you enjoyed my tour (and I’m so curious now to see a picture of YOUR mask!!). Thanks again for the chance to post with your great series!

  • Peggy

    Thanks for the peek into your beautiful office! I absolutely love the atmosphere, the stately but unique beauty and, of my gosh, that foliage!!!

    • Julia Munroe Martin

      So happy to give you a peek, Peggy! I appreciate your kind words. I agree the foliage is amazing….wish I could bottle it for all year long!

  • Laurie Buchanan

    Julia – How doggon’ cool to get a virtual tour. I love it! Thank you so much for sharing your space with us.

    • Julia Munroe Martin

      Glad you enjoyed the tour, Laurie! I’m so happy to share, next time maybe it will be in person — I promise I’ll serve tea!

  • Jackie Cangro

    Julia, I love this “behind the scenes” view of your writing space. All of the little details — pictures and masks hung on the walls, mementoes on the desk, etc. — must be such an inspiration for you. Do you have a favorite item?

    • Julia Munroe Martin

      Thanks Jackie! Glad you enjoyed the peek. As for a favorite item…. it’s so hard to say! If anything, I’d pick the three ducks. Thanks for asking!

  • Cynthia Robertson

    Your writing space is so charming, Julia. So neat and uncluttered (good for clear thinking, I imagine), yet so colorful. What a perfect place to spin your tales!

    • Julia Munroe Martin

      Thanks, Cynthia! I appreciate your kind words. (Rest assured there’s plenty of clutter just out of safe-camera range!)