Carie Juettner

HeadShot1Carie Juettner is a writer of poems, short stories, and middle grade fiction in Austin, Texas. She also posts her thoughts about books, writing, and her years teaching 7th grade English on her blog. Carie shares her home office with four cats and a dog. She also vacuums a lot. Follow her on Twitter @cariejuettner.

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  • Thank you so much for sharing your office with us, Carie! It’s adorable, and I love reading your personal notes about everything. And I’m kind of obsessed with your clothespin/postcard idea! I think I might steal it. (And the postcards you chose are perfect too!)

    • Carie Juettner

      Thank YOU for including me in The Decorative Writer! I’m so honored to be here. Yes, the postcard clothesline is hard to beat. So much to look at and yet if I ever decide to take it down (I can’t imagine why) there are only six tiny push-pin holes in the wall. Steal away!

  • Julia Munroe Martin

    What a cool office! I love the view of the tree (and would love the babies distraction as well). I tend to move around my house with my laptop and maybe that’s why my office seems less distinctive and cool decorating-wise. Like Annie I am pretty obsessed with the clothespin/postcard idea and I love the small table painted with quotes. So inspirational.

    • Carie Juettner

      Thanks! I sometimes need to move around too. A change of scenery is often good for getting over a stuck spot. But in the end, I always come back to my office. It’s my happy place. 🙂

  • Peggy

    Great office, especially the adorable dog! I’d like to see the office cats, too:) I’m afraid I’d be gazing at the beautiful tree all day, though. I also love your post cards. I saw that idea with Christmas cards before and have always said I was going to do it someday.

  • Regina Richards

    Cool office space. Love all the art, especially the quotes on the furniture.

    • Carie Juettner

      Thank you! The quote table was such fun to make. I love rotating it every couple of weeks so that different quotes are facing me while I work. Though often (like now) the top is often covered up with journals and binders and books.

  • Leandra

    That’s a gorgeous tree! It’s a bright, lovely room. And another postcard line lover here! 😉

    • Carie Juettner


  • Melissa Crytzer Fry

    What a great room, filled to the brim with creativity. And it sounds like the cats outnumber the dog! 😉 Thanks for sharing!

    • Carie Juettner

      Yep. They outnumber the dog, they outnumber the humans, they pretty much run the place.