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Thoughts on Beloved by Toni Morrison and Horror’s Literary Problem

Literary horror lovers, look no further. I’ve found it. If The Shining is exemplary of commercial horror and House of Leaves of experimental horror, then Beloved is unquestionably the finest example of literary horror I’ve ever read. I finished this … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Borges

I recently read Ficciones, a classic short story collection by Argentinian author Jorge Luis Borges, who’s largely credited with beginning the magical realism genre. Like all literary classics, I went into this with certain hopes and expectations, and I was … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Ghost Story by Peter Straub

Peter Straub has been on my to-read list for a long time. He’s a big name in horror, but I just hadn’t gotten around to him yet. (Educating yourself on all the “classics” is a never-ending task, especially if you … Continue reading

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Bird Box: The Horror Novel You Should Read Next

I recently read a book so good it made me mad. Like really, fully, fit-throwing mad. Just ask my husband; I didn’t shut up about it for days. Why? Mostly because it was just that good. Also because it’s strikingly … Continue reading

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