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Fifty Shades of Grey, a Discussion

This post is intended for adult readers over 18. I don’t do book reviews, although I might be posting another blog on that topic soon. What I do do (heh) are book discussions. My favorite books to discuss? The mega-popular … Continue reading

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The Problems with Strong Female Characters

I’m not even close to the first writer/blogger to bring this up. Two of my favorites are this New York Times article and Natalie Whipple’s post. I don’t actually agree with everything in both of these, but I think they’re well-spoken and worth reading. … Continue reading

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The Immortality of Books

Have you ever noticed that book reports, synopses, reviews, and query letters are written in present tense, even if the book they’re about is told in past tense? Have you ever stopped to really consider why (beyond the fact that … Continue reading

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Book Title Poems

The Setup So a few weeks ago, I came across this post on Art of Trolling. Heads up: it’s naughty, but quite amusing. And more than a little silly. And even so, I thought, “Wow, that’s really cool.  I wonder … Continue reading

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