Published Works

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Short Fiction
• “Death’s Favorite Pet,” The Sirens Call eZine, The Fifth Annual Women in Horror Month Issue, February 2017
• “The Cottage of Curiosities,” Memento Mori, Digital Fiction Publishing Corp, 2017
• “The Devil Take the Hindmost,” Dark Hallows II, Scarlet Galleon Publications, 2016
• “The Call of the House of Usher,” Killing It Softly, Digital Fiction Publishing Corp, 2016
• “Hide,” Black Static Issue 43, TTA Press, November 2014, and audio podcast at Pseudopod, Escape Artists, Inc., October 2016
• “Vestige,” The Beauty of Death, Independent Legions Publishing, July 2016
• “The Cottage of Curiosities,” Strange Little Girls, Belladonna Publishing, March 2016
• “Honey,” Blurring the Line, Cohesion Press, 2015
• “Pièce de Résistance,” Ares Magazine, Issue 3, 2015
• “Zanders the Magnificent,” Fireside Magazine Issue 21, March 2015
• “Jack and the Bad Man,” Underneath the Juniper Tree, October 2011 Issue, and audio podcast at Pseudopod, Escape Artists, Inc., October 2014
• “Deaths’ Favorite Pet,” Horror D’oeuvres, DarkFuse, 2014
• “Something You Don’t Want to Find,” Buzzy Mag, 2013
• “The Call of the House of Usher,” The Spirit of Poe, Angelic Knight Press, 2012
• “A Quiet Night, A Perfect End,” So Long, and Thanks For All the Brains: A Zombie Anthology, Collaboration of the Dead, 2012
• “The Book Sniffers,” The Washington Pastime, 2011
• “Eulogy of Beatrice Stitchens,” Six Sentences, 2010
• “Sober Vampire Spousal Support Group,” 2010

• “The Shed,” HWA Poetry Showcase Volume III, Horror Writers Association, and podcast at The Bare Knuckle Podcast (“The Shed” begins at 16:50), 2016
• “Rocking,” Texas Poetry Calendar 2017, Dos Gatos Press, June 2016
• “Strolling in Iambic Pentameter,” Encore: Prize Poems of the NFSPS 2015, July 2016
• “Naked,” Apex Magazine Issue 82, March 2016
• “Maxwell’s Demon,” Apex Magazine Issue 80, January 2016
• “Fiend,” HWA Poetry Showcase Volume II, Horror Writers Association, 2015
• “When it snows in Texas,” Texas Poetry Calendar 2015, Dos Gatos Press
• “I am running,” Grievous Angel, Charles Christian’s Urban Fantasist, August 2015
• “Seeking Rainbows,” Liquid Imagination Issue 25, 2015
• “Press Play,” A Book of the Year, Poetry Society of Texas, 2015
• “Light and Liquor,” HWA Poetry Showcase Volume I, Horror Writers Association, 2014
• “Thanks Giving
• “The Comedian,” Infernal Ink, July 2014 (Kindle version or print issue)
• “Still, It Pulls me,” New Myths Issue 27, June 2014
• “The Hadal Zone,” Encore: Prize Poems of the NFSPS 2014
• “The Outsiders,” A Book of the Year 2014, Poetry Society of Texas
• “Shades of Blue,” Hello Horror, June 2013
• “Country Born,” Texas Poetry Calendar 2013
• “All Gifts,” A Texas Garden of Verses, Poetry Society of Texas 2013 summer conference anthology
• “Rust Never Sleeps,” Deep South Magazine, April 2013
• “Nights in Texas,” Deep South Magazine, March 2013
• “Picnic,” Encore: Prize Poems of the NFSPS 2013
• “Anxiety,” The Stray BranchFall/Winter 2013
• “Deceptive Passages,” The Stray BranchFall/Winter 2013
• “Get Over,” The Stray BranchFall/Winter 2013
• “The road from Denton to Henrietta,” A Book of the Year 2013, Poetry Society of Texas, Denton Record Chronicle, May 22, 2016
• “Breaking Earth,” A Book of the Year 2012, Poetry Society of Texas, and Mirror Dance
• “By Example,” Encore: Prize Poems of the NFSPS 2012
• “I, Pandora,” Denton Record ChronicleCollections II, A Texas Garden of Verses by the Poetry Society of Texas, 2012
• “The Fox Pup of Big Blue Mountain,”  A Book of the Year 2012, Poetry Society of Texas
• “The Centipede,” Underneath the Juniper Tree, September 2011 Issue, & Collections II
• “The Skeleton,” Spaceports & Spidersilk, September 2011 Issue
• “Scarcely Caged
• “Approaching June,” Texas Poetry Calendar 2011
• “The Secret in the Village of Dragonsbreath,” Dark HorizonsBritish Fantasy Society Journal, Summer 2011
• “Dragging the Waters,” Phantom Kangaroo, Issue no. 7, 2011
• “Hookah on a Loveseat,” Eunoia Review, 2011
• “The Adventures of Squrimy,” Encore: Prize Poems of the NFSPS, 2010
• “Cleaning out the Exhaust Vent,” Versifico, 2010
• “The Road to Heaven,” Ardent! Poetry, Volume 6:1, 2010
• “Missing Pieces,” Collections I & audio reading by Xe Sands
• “To Walk Again,” Collections I, 2010
• “Marionette,” Collections I, 2010
• “River of Life,” Collections I, 2010
• “The Lurking,” L.M. Stull, 2010
• “My Diversion
• “Digital Implications,” Wichita Falls Literature and Arts Review, Volume IV, 2010
• “The Air in our Apartment,”Wichita Falls Literature and Arts Review, Volume IV, 2010

• “The Art of the Invitation,” Author in Progress: A no-holds-barred guide to what it really takes to get published, Writer Unboxed, Writer’s Digest Books, 2016
• “Edgar Allan Poe,” Geek Lust: Pop Culture, Gadgets, and Other Desires of the Likeable Modern Geek by Alex Langley, Krause Publications, 2013

Blog Columns
The collected list of my posts for LitReactor 
The collected list of my posts for Writer Unboxed 

Guest Blogs
• “10 Tips for Creating a Wicked Halloween Costume,” Halloween Haunts, Horror Writers Association
• “What HWA Has Done for Me,” Horror Writers Association
• “Poetic Crossroads,” Julia Munroe Martin
• “Reclaiming Horror,” Halloween Haunts, Horror Writers Association
• “The Poetry of Place,” Deep South Magazine
• “Why Horror Should Be Its Own Genre,” Halloween Haunts, Horror Writers Association
• “What the Heck Should I Call Myself, Anyway?” The Artist’s Road
• “Facing My Fear of Writing Through Pain,” Fear of Writing
• “Be a More Confident Writer: 5 Choices That Might Be Hurting Instead of Helping,” Writer Unboxed
• “Pain Cannot Destroy Us,” The Review Review (first posted as “Writing Through Pain” at Beyond the Margins)
• “Mistake #62: Letting Your Work Expire,” What Not To Do As A Writer

• “Women in Horror Month – Interview with Annie Neugebauer,” Simon Dewar
• “Blurring The Line: Annie Neugebauer,” Alan Baxter
• “Behold! Blurring the Line,” Gregory L. Norris
• “So… Where are the Women of Literary Horror?” Del Howison,
• “Short Takes,” Nancy Christie, Focus On Fiction
• “The AIS trick, that inspiring moment of abject terror, and the best thing to do with duct tape,” Judy Clement Wall, The Creativity Interviews

Coming Soon
• “Pièce de Résistance” (short story reprint), Daunting Deviations anthology, Digital Fiction Publishing Corp., April 2017
• “Pièce de Résistance” (short story reprint), Digital Horror Fiction stand-alone, Digital Fiction Publishing Corp., 2017
• “The Lighthouse” (short story), anthology TBA, summer 2017
• “So Sings the Siren” (short story), Apex Magazine, Apex Publications, 2017
• “Titling Poems” (blog post reprint), TBA, 2017
• “Something in the Attic” (poem), A Book of the Year 2017, Poetry Society of Texas, June 2017
• “Aerial Silks” (poem), A Book of the Year 2017, Poetry Society of Texas, June 2017
• “Rocking” (poem reprint), best-of anthology TBA, June 2017
• “Dealing in Shadows” (short story), Suspended in Dusk 2, 2017

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  • Sfarmer76

  • A. B. Davis

    I have finally read “Jack and the Bad Man” and wow, Annie. Just wow. It was disturbing creepy. Unsettling creepy. Uncanny creepy. I loved it! I like before you even get to the real horror, you have subtle little terrors like “A smile that split his face clean in two” and “…builds up inside you and gets too big for your guts”. Just the lightest touches in the right TONE. That is the most genius aspect of this piece. The narrator tells this tale so perfectly, in the only way that it should be–could be told. And the little moments of internal rhyming make it deceptively innocent. I was already a fan of your poetry, but this is amazing. I’m glad there is finally a link for people to read it now. 😀

    • Oh my gosh, do you know how good it makes me feel to hear this? Especially since it’s been so long since “Jack” was published. You absolutely just made my day. Thank you so much, Ashley!!

      And you might be happy to hear that a podcast of this story will be coming out this October. 🙂

  • Rachelle

    Wow. I can’t imagine how you manage to do all of these amazing things! I have tried to do a lot of the stuff you’ve done. I made a blog, I’ve written so many stories and poems I can’t even count them, but I have never had success! You are very talented. What are your secrets? You are an amazing writer. I have read through a bit of your work and it was pure brilliance, and I’m sure the works I haven’t gotten to read yet are just as good or better. Thank you for inspiring me!

    • What an incredibly sweet comment. Thank you so much! I wish I could tell you some secrets, but I don’t really have any. I work hard, write a lot, and submit a lot. I’ve also been at this for several years, so the list has had time to grow. Thanks for your kind words, Rachelle. You’ve made me feel wonderful!

  • Brittany Parrish

    I really enjoy this website! I just read “Something You Don’t Want To Find” and absolutely adored it! I’m a teen author, and you really inspire me. I love your works! Whenever I get writers block for my current story, I like to come here and just read some of your works, and I get some serious inspiration. You are really awesome! 😀

    • Hi Brittany! Thank you so much for stopping by to let me know. I can’t tell you how nice it is to hear this. I’m genuinely touched. I wish you the best of luck with your own writing as well. Have a great week!

      • Brittany Parrish

        Thanks! You too!