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Catharsis, Empathy, and Putting Ourselves in Our Fiction

There’s a joke/not joke I’ve mentioned to a couple of my writing friends lately about that horrible moment of realization when you see quite clearly that your character is you. You’ve done all this work to develop her and fill … Continue reading

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Creation Credos: Fill in the Blanks

For a long time, I had a quote from one of my favorite authors taped above my computer screen: “Let me be wise in my creation, let me be fierce in its defense, let me be true to my message … Continue reading

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5 Underrated Artistic Qualities

Sometimes it feels like when we rave about art – specifically writing, but really all art – we talk about the same things: depth, originality, concept. Writing-specifically: characters, pacing, and prose. And that’s because we love those things. I know … Continue reading

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A Week at the Beach

I’m home from my little retreat (I got back on Wednesday night). I know some of you are probably curious to hear how it went, so I thought I’d talk about that today. It was a lovely time. The beach was … Continue reading

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