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The Things a Picture Holds

This is a picture of my dad teaching me and my brother how to carve a pumpkin. He was a great dad. Involved, caring, a good teacher. You can see by the way I’m sitting on my hands and my … Continue reading

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In Need of a Word

Autumn is coming. Can you feel it? The temperature dropping is the most obvious sign, but there are others, if you’re looking as hard as I am. A steadily growing number of leaves waiting on my windshield every day. A … Continue reading

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Where Do You Go When the Doubt Monsters Come?

I don’t know what it is lately, but I have been plagued by self-doubt. I’m a relatively confident person if you don’t count social interactions with like, humans and stuff. (Cats, though. Cats and I are like this. ><) When … Continue reading

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Make it Happen

My dad used to have an expression: “Make it happen.” He used it in many different scenarios, but the ones I can remember most vividly are pretty similar. I would want something desperately. Who knows what? To be chosen for … Continue reading

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