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The Giant Chart O’ Poems and What’s to Come

Poets, I have a surprise for you! (Well, not a surprise if you follow me on Twitter, but probably otherwise.) Remember when I told you all about charting 500+ poems to make my submissions easier? That spreadsheet, the Giant Chart … Continue reading

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Poetry Reading of “The Fox”

Hey guys, I’m trying something new this week with a video reading of my poem “The Fox.” Watch below! Click here if you’d like to order your own copy of Encore 2017! Share this:

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The Haps That Have Happened

Hello out there, internet friends! I’m fresh back from my staycation, diving headfirst into a round of novel revisions and trying to get caught up on all of my business. How was the staycation, you ask? I think it all … Continue reading

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Catharsis, Empathy, and Putting Ourselves in Our Fiction

There’s a joke/not joke I’ve mentioned to a couple of my writing friends lately about that horrible moment of realization when you see quite clearly that your character is you. You’ve done all this work to develop her and fill … Continue reading

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