I, Pandora

Hey guys! Today will be short and sweet, because I’m reprinting a poem for you here. First, a few things you might’ve missed from me lately:

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Okay, back to today. “I, Pandora” was first published in the Merging Visions anthology Collections II and then reprinted in the Denton Record Chronicle as well as A Texas Garden of Verses by the Poetry Society of Texas. I hope you enjoy it.

I, Pandora

Laden with clay jar,
Pandora, blessed with gift, with scar,
eyes bright and two lips curious –
furious for being sent
as punishment for theft of fire,
for mankind’s desire to acquire –
imagining she’ll free a star,
the sapphire, kiss, or land afar,
she twists the lid off, sure and swift,
and out fly sins and fear and hate:
setting her adrift upon her fate.

© Annie Neugebauer, 2012

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