Book Title Poems Take 2

Several years ago I stumbled across the existence of book title poems and knew I had to try them. It was a blast, a perfect convergence of several of my hobbies and passions, so I’m not sure why I pretty much forgot about it until recently when my friend Carie Juettner posted some of her own. They’re fantastic; you should go read them for sure. Seeing Carie’s brought it all back in a rush, and I decided it’s past time since I make some more.

To start, here’s one to kick off Women in Horror Month. Click the photos to enlarge, but the full text will be below each poem.

Satan Says

Mother of Eden,
dark Eden,
the dark half
killing it softly.

Darkness, tell us
strange little girls
sharp objects,
burnt offerings,
garden of shadows.

No sanctuary
for the queen of the damned.

Now a shorter one, just because:

The Emotion Thesaurus

Under the skin:
old flames,
damsel distressed,
guilty pleasures,
the warrior ethos,
fear itself–
the lives of the heart.

And finally, how about a little romance? I’m going to claim that this one got a little saucy in honor of impending Valentine’s Day. 😉

As I Lay Dying

Love speaks its name:
needful things,
pale fire,
Come, thief;
you come when I call you.
Darkness demands
erotic poems.

It was fun to play with this again. I hope you enjoyed my poems. If any of you have made your own or decide to try it, I’d love to see the results! Link me, paste, photo, whatever. Have fun.

Happy February!

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  • Haha! What a fun thing to do! I really enjoyed your title poems. Have a great Wednesday! 🙂

  • clairecwrites

    What a cool idea! Just commenting to say how much I enjoy your posts.
    Claire C. Holland

    • Hey Claire! Thank you so much. <3 I just checked out your site and loooove the poem you shared there. Your collection sounds really cool!

  • Caitlin Cunningham

    This is almost as cute of an idea as writing poetry in the sand with your toes 🙂

  • Carie Juettner

    Thanks for the shout out, Annie! Your book poems are always so beautiful. The words AND the stacks of books. You’re a true artist. 🙂 Happy February to you too!

    • It was my pleasure! It really was a joy to read yours and to go back to these. Thank you, Carie. How fun would it be to raid each other’s bookshelves someday?!

  • I like how you encompassed Women in Horror Month and Valentine’s Day into one dark post. Only Annie Neugebauer, I swear. 😉 I love all of these!