A Poetry Buffet

In case you missed it on my Twitter and Facebook, I have (even more) good news: I have an agent! I’ve signed with Alec Shane at Writers House, and I couldn’t be happier. 🙂


What’s more, I’ve survived April Fool’s Day and can now safely proclaim: happy National Poetry Month! Every year I do at least a little something to celebrate on my blog. This year I’ll probably reprint a poem or two that are currently only available in print, but first, I’d like to offer up my poems that are already easily readable. Behind the scenes, I always feel I’m doing so much to promote my work, but then I’m regularly surprised by how many people ask me where they can read my stuff. The internet’s so big and readers are so busy, I’m sure we all miss things all the time. I do always have all of my published work listed on this page, but I also realize that a chronological list doesn’t tell you much about the works in question.

So today I thought I’d sort my poems out and break them down by categories so you can easily find the one or two (or five) poems most likely to be up your alley.

It turned out to be an interesting exercise! Naturally, several of these poems could’ve been categorized under more than one heading, but in the interest of clarity I just chose the one I felt best suited the core spirit of the poem. And because life is busy, money is tight, and time is short, I listed the poems that are currently only available in print/for purchase in a separate category at the bottom, because I know not everyone will want to go that extent to hunt down my work. (The genres of those are in parentheses along with the format.) So that means everything in the first five categories is free to read online!

And just in case you’re picky about your forms, *asterisks denote poems that rhyme and/or are in a more traditional form than free verse. I really hope you find something you enjoy. Happy browsing!

Naked,” Apex Magazine
I am running,” Grievous Angel
*“Still, It Pulls me,” New Myths
Shades of Blue,” Hello Horror
*“The Centipede,” Underneath the Juniper Tree
The Skeleton,” Spaceports & Spidersilk
*“Scarcely Caged
Dragging the Waters,” Phantom Kangaroo
To Walk Again,” Collections I
Marionette,” Collections I
The Lurking

Magical Realism/Fantasy/Myth
Seeking Rainbows,” Liquid Imagination
All Gifts,” A Texas Garden of Verses
*“Breaking Earth,” Mirror Dance
*“I, Pandora,” Denton Record Chronicle (at the bottom of the article)

Science Fiction
Maxwell’s Demon,” Apex Magazine
The Hadal Zone,” Encore

Thanks Giving
Country Born,” Texas Poetry Calendar
The Outsiders,” A Book of the Year
*“Rust Never Sleeps,” Deep South Magazine
Nights in Texas,” Deep South Magazine
Picnic,” Encore
*“By Example,” Encore
The Fox Pup of Big Blue Mountain,” A Book of the Year
Approaching June,” Texas Poetry Calendar
Hookah on a Loveseat,” Eunoia Review
*“Cleaning out the Exhaust Vent,” Versifico
Missing Pieces,” (And be sure to listen to the lovely audio reading by Xe Sands!)
*“River of Life,” Collections I
The Air in our Apartment,” Wichita Falls Literature and Arts Review

The road from Denton to Henrietta,” A Book of the Year
*“The Adventures of Squrimy,” Encore
*“My Diversion
*“Digital Implications,” Wichita Falls Literature and Arts Review

Print/for Purchase
“Light and Liquor,” HWA Poetry Showcase Volume I
“Fiend,” HWA Poetry Showcase Volume II (ebook; horror)
“The Comedian,” Infernal Ink (ebook or print; horror)
*“The Secret in the Village of Dragonsbreath,” British Fantasy Society Journal Summer 2011 (print; horror)
“When it snows in Texas,” Texas Poetry Calendar 2015 (print; realistic/life/quiet)
“Press Play,” A Book of the Year 2015 (print; realistic/life/quiet)
“The Outsiders,” A Book of the Year 2014 (print; realistic/life/quiet)
“Anxiety,” The Stray Branch (print; realistic/life/quiet)
*“Deceptive Passages,” The Stray Branch (print; realistic/life/quiet)
“Get Over,” The Stray Branch (print; realistic/life/quiet)
“The Road to Heaven,” Ardent! Poetry Volume 6:1 (print; realistic/life/quiet)

I wish you all a happy, thoughtful, fun, poetic April!

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  • Congrats again on your awesome agent news! I’m incredibly happy for you – you deserve everything good you get! Light & humorous poems looked good to try out, and I Ioved the Adventures of Squirmy (glad he didn’t die) and the Road from Denton to Henrietta (reminds me of changing POV or something major in an ms only to find it doesn’t work any better than the way you had it before). Have a lovely week! 🙂

    • Thank you, Lexa! And thanks for checking out some poems, too; I’m glad you enjoyed them. 🙂

  • Regina Richards

    So happy for you that you’ve found a terrific agent. And so happy for all of us that you took the time to create this poetry list. 🙂

    • Thanks Regina! It seems so obvious now; I don’t know why I never did it before!

  • Congrats, Annie!!

  • Ashley B. Davis

    Nom nom nom on this poetry buffet! And congratulations again!

  • WOW! So great to see it all right there in one place. Doesn’t it feel good?

    • It does feel good! You know I’m an organizer. It’s like re-sorting my bookshelf by color or author when it’s been done by title. 🙂