A New Album and Poetic Crossroads

Hi guys,

Today I’m doing a blog swap with my writer buddy Julia Munroe Martin! If you aren’t already following Julia, you should be. She’s a smart, kind, and talented writer who’s always made me feel welcome. We’ve known each other online for a long time now, plus she and I became contributors to Writer Unboxed at the same time, which has been great fun.

For the first part of our swap, there’s a new album up at The Decorative Writer. I encourage you all to go check out Julia’s lovely home office in Maine and read about her favorite things. You can also see her bio and get the links to find her elsewhere on the web.

For the second part of our swap, Julia has been kind of enough to host me with a guest post on her blog. You can read about my experience creating my poetry manuscript over there in “Poetic Crossroads.”

Comments will be closed here, but please feel free to comment on Julia’s album and/or on my guest post. Thanks so much,


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