More Things!

I wasn’t planning to drop another post on you guys just yet, but, well, there are more things! _o/ All the things! \o_

First of all, I am incredibly touched that talented voice artist Xe Sands found my poem “Missing Pieces” and connected with it so much that she wanted to record it. Of course I said yes, because that’s what poetry is all about. Her reading is absolutely beautiful. You can listen to it for free here, and you can find Xe on Twitter @xesands. (Original text here, if you like to read along.) My deepest thanks to Xe for finding my poem, for responding to it, and for performing it with such passion. This is really special to me.

Next, some good news! My poem “The Hadal Zone” has placed 3rd in one of the national contests this year, so it will appear in the 2014 prize anthology Encore by the National Federation of State Poetry Societies! Yay! That will be coming in 2015.

Speaking of which, the 2013 version is out now if you want to order it. The website is slightly behind, but you can use the order form on this page to order 2013’s Encore. My poem “Picnic” appears in this edition.

Also available since I last gave updates: the Texas Poetry Calendar 2015 by Dos Gatos Press! I’ve already received mine in the mail, and they’re simply gorgeous. Don’t wait until December to order your copy; they might be sold out by then!

Also out since last time: my dark poem “The Comedian” at even darker lit mag Infernal Ink. You can order the July issue in paper at Lulu or as an ebook on Amazon!

And last but not least, the paperback version of A Texas Garden of Verses — the summer conference anthology of the Poetry Society of Texas — is now available to order! Great news for those who like their books the old-fashioned way. I have two poems in this collection. You can order a copy at Amazon right now. (Mine is already on its way!)

Have a great week,


[Note: Comments are closed here in hopes that you feel free to browse these at your leisure. This is my no-pressure summer! But there’s been a bit of confusion, so as always, please feel free to share, shoot me an email, or comment elsewhere. Love you guys!]


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