Getting Started on Twitter- at Writer Unboxed

photo by RuffLife

Instead of posting here this week, I’m inviting you all to visit me at Writer Unboxed, where I’m covering the basics and not-so-basics about how to get started on Twitter. This post is geared toward writers, but anyone new to Twitter (or about to join) will find useful tips here. My hope is that those of you who’ve been on Twitter for years you might still find a nice reminder or two, and there are even a couple of marketing tricks snuck in there!

The Writer Unboxed website has recently undergone some technical changes (and I am obviously like super tech savvy and know how these magical computer gizmos work), so if you have trouble viewing the site, please clear your cookies and/or flush your DNS. It also ate a few of the early comments, but I’ve done my best to put them back up and answer all. My apologies for any inconvenience! Everything should be fixed and working now.

Thank you all so much for reading and sharing and generally being the bee’s knees. I hope to see you there!

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