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An organized writer is a happy writer. Case in point? My WIP bookshelf. Look how happy!

An organized writer is a happy writer. Case in point? My WIP bookshelf. Look how happy!

Hi guys!

I hope that most of my fellow writer followers are familiar by now with the section of my website called The Organized Writer, where I exploit my neuroses in order to offer free documents to help writers– you guessed it – get organized. If not, now’s a great time to check it out. If so, I have a few updates to fill you in on.

I’ve added a brand new document: the Short Story Submissions Chart. If you write short fiction and send it out to be considered for publication, you absolutely need a way to keep track of it. If you don’t already have one, right this moment is the best time to start.

On that note, I’ve just updated the Poetry Submissions Chart, so if you submit poems and don’t have this yet, here’s your chance.

What’s more, I’ve also updated the Character Chart. I’m doing some revisions on an old novel right now and in rebuilding my characters, I found that the old chart was lacking some important fields. So feel free to download this one any time you’re creating new people out of thin air.

The good thing about all of these documents is that they’re simply charts in Word files, so you can always make them your own. Want to add a field? No problem. Don’t use one? Cut it out. Hate my font choice? Switch it. Once you download these, they’re yours to do with what you see fit (for personal use). Change them, love them, use them. It’s your boat; float it however you want.

And on a final note, you might notice that my Organized Writer pages now have PayPal donate buttons so you can tip the author (yours truly). Installing this feature wasn’t the easiest decision for me to make, but over the years there have been over 15,000 downloads of these documents, so people must like them, huh? And although I always have and always hope to keep my website ad-free, a girl’s gotta eat.

That being said, I made this a “tip” feature specifically because I want my documents to remain free. Please, please, please don’t feel obligated to tip. I mean this from the depths of my heart: if you get good use out of these documents, I’m very happy. And if you share the links with your writing buddies, all the better. That’s payment enough for me. A tip is just gravy. (Actually I don’t like gravy, so I guess a tip is more like… cheese. Mmm. Cheese.)

So go forth and download! It’s time to get organized.

To view a full list of all available documents, visit this page or mouse over the drop-down menu in my website header.

As always, I’m open to requests for new documents. Comments here will be closed, but feel free to email me your ideas at

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