2012 in Review: Lists, Lols, and Goals

I’m back from a much-needed break from work, including writing, the blog, and most social media. I feel refreshed, and looking back on the year, poignant, proud, and incredibly disappointed all at once. I thought I’d take this post to review my year.

blog stats

On the blog, things have been gradually and steadily building. This was my first full year here at WordPress since the move from Webs. I’m still incredibly glad I made that switch, as tedious and exhausting as it was. In 2012, I almost reached 100,000 page views (not quite – maybe a goal for next year), I’ve built relationships with many wonderful blog commenters, and over 6,000 people downloaded documents from The Organized Writer. I think that’s pretty awesome.

Numbers are great, but by far the most fun part of looking at a year of blog stats is the amusing (sometimes hilarious) search terms that led people to my blog. Here are some of my faves this year (I couldn’t resist commenting on some of them, after the arrows):

• all kinds of monsters
• amazing book titles
• crazy mother fucker
• I am tired of people
• Neugebauer pronunciation <– Ha! Good luck with that.
• why do we read literary fiction
• “very full bladder” <– Um… pee?
• bad man
• climax worksheets
• “a little part of me” porn <– o_0
• funny Febe <– Prolly talking about this girl.
• I’m painfully shy
• naughty vampire
• Annie is a goober <– >:P
• monsters dancing
• she is obsessively organized everything has a label <– True.
• unfollow me but read my tweet quotes <– I shall not.
• afraid of frogs
• Annie the girl with super human strength
• but then I saw something pink and sparkly <– Where?!

I was also fascinated to look at the most-read posts, which do not always match up with the most-commented posts (in my sidebar). These were not all written this year, just viewed.

1. The Problems with Strong Female Characters
2. What is Literary Fiction?
3. Passages Malibu Alcohol Rehab and Drug Addiction Treatment
4. Sonnet Building Step 1: Coming up with Ideas
5. 25 Beautiful Unique Book Titles
6. Top 10 Sexy Vampires
7. 20 Advantages to Having a Big Nose 
8. The Dirty Pun Catcher
9. Book Title Poems
10. What is commercial fiction?
11. Types of Monsters
12. How Long Does Grief Last?
13. Love, Closure, and What It Feels Like to Give Up
14. On Living With Regret
15. What the Way You Retweet Says about You
16. Finding Comparables for Your Novel
17. 20 Halloween Poems: Suggested Reading for the Season
18. Twitter Tips Part 1: How to Get Followed Back
19. Why I’m Tired of People Ragging on Twilight
20. Vampires and Zombies, part IV: compare and contrast

While blogging goals are all well and good, writing is always my focus. And last year’s resolution was to turn my so closes into definitelys: 2011, The Year of Almosts. 2012, The Year of Hell Yeahs. I have dedicated myself so completely to that goal that I’m still working on it into 2013. My current WIP, Once the Darkness Comes, is testing my patience like you wouldn’t believe. My original query goal of October got bumped back to November because I refused to query an almost-there project again. Okay, good for me. But then I did it again. And since the industry shuts down in December, that meant early January.

Then, in a wonderful surprise, I got chosen for Pitch Wars. The contest goes live on January 23rd, which – you guessed it – means pushing back my query dates yet again. If you know how deeply I am not a patient person, you know that I am on the brink of some serious insanity right now. Don’t get me wrong; being in Pitch Wars is a huge honor and very exciting, but it’s almost as if the universe is testing my resolution to beat the almosts. Well… bring it on, universe. *looks around and hides*

Let’s just hope it pays off. Because, of course, my business resolution for 2013 is to find the perfect agent for me. Fingers crossed.

How was 2012 for you? What are your hopes and goals for 2013?

I look forward to another great year with you all. Happy 2013!

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  • Missy Frye

    I’m hoping 2013 brings the perfect agent into my life too! 

  • haha. funny febe? I love it!  I totally need to re-read your female characters post. Been running across posts over that topic lately. i think its on alot of people’s minds. 

    Your blog has come a long way:-) So proud of you! It’s a thing of beauty. It’s only gonna get bigger.

    This is really gonna be our (you, me, kels) year! I can just feel it!

    • Hehe, yes, funny Febe! Thanks very much; I think it will be our year too!

  • Russ Linton

    How was it for me? *Smokes a cigarette* Good. Damn good. Thanks in large part to the crit group! Best of luck on the agent search – it’s a big deal so be picky. I think new writers like myself might tend to get star-struck by the first “yes”. You’ve got great stuff so always remember THEY are the ones lucky to have YOU 🙂

    • Ha! Yes, you did have a good year! And thanks buddy. I think the pickiness might be part of the delay, actually, so I agree whole-heartedly. I’m not just aiming for “an agent.” I’m aiming for “the agent.” =)

  • Melissa Crytzer Fry

    Yay. I can finally comment on your blog (for some reason, on my Mac, I can’t comment until others have first posted – otherwise, the “add new comment” box is non-existent. Anywho … That’s not the point of my comment). I wanted to say, “I hear you, sister.” As you know, I’m in the same boat as you — thinking that 2012 was going to be “the” year, with the same goals as you. But here’s to our continued patience and prodding in 2013 (and similar timeline once again). Good things come to those who wait — I know, I know … I’m just as impatient as you and hate that saying. But maybe – just maybe – it’s true.

    PS Laughed hysterically at your big nose post. What? Your nose is not big. But, being the owner of one myself, I think your “top 10” was spot on :-). Happy new year.

    • Oh! Well that’s super frustrating. >:| Why would it do that?

      And yes, once again we seem to be back on the same timescale. I think I shall make “Good things come to those who wait” my mantra for the next month.

      I think I have a big nose! But I made peace with that a long time ago. Glad the post got a few lols from ya. =)

  • Richardsfive

    You constantly inspire me to up my game, Annie. That’s why I haunt this blog. It’s addictive. Every post sends me off to work harder and strive to succeed. Sometimes you create that impetus with with information, sometimes with beauty, sometimes with humor, sometimes with touching honesty, and sometimes with a good swift kick in the artist-butt. Whatever I find when I come here is certain to be valuable. Thanks, Annie.


  • Almost 100,000 page hits? WOW!!! Here’s to another great year… yes, I agree, of meeting business goals. I too had the goal in 2012 of landing an agent (evaded me)… so now I’m self publishing one book sometime in 2013 and continuing to try the trad route, seeking an agent, for others. Even though my goals didn’t go exactly as planned in 2012, I am hitting the ground running in 2013! Here’s to wonderful achievements this year — yes, fingers crossed here, too. Happy New Year, Annie! 

    • I think it sounds more impressive than it is! Once you get added to sites like StumbleUpon or Reddit, the hits come in waves, so attribute a lot of my numbers to that. But still, I am proud of it; I remember in my old site when I was thrilled to hit double digits. =)

      Best of luck to you with the new (and old) goals, Julia!

  • jclementwall

    There is so nothing on your list to be “incredibly disappointed” about. Even your disappointment is lined in silver! (Congratulations on being part of Pitch Wars!)

    That said, one of the reasons I’m sure you’re going to be a big, bright, shining literary star is because I know you won’t settle for less. 

    • Thanks so much, J!  You’re right; I should be focusing on the positive parts more. I reckon that’s something I need to work on. And that’s my hope! “Aim small, miss small,” and all that. 🙂

  • What a great year!!!! I love this round up of search terms, highest viewed posts, etc. 

    I was also glad to self-host. Though I’m working with my designer and tweaking the design once more. I have to get rid of the pink. I can not stand it another second! (It was my fault, not her!) I also want my name and header, etc, less HUGE. 

    • Thank you, Nina! I hear you; it is a *constant* chore to self-host — especially if you’re as pick as I am (and I suspect you are). For instance, one of my widgets or something just randomly decided to add GIANT share buttons under all of the photos in my sidebar. Wth? That makes me go all Hulky, and now I have to fix it. Grrr…