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This might seem odd, but I’m going to post today’s blog in 2 parts: this one, the explanation, and the next one, the content. If you subscribe to my blog through emails, you’ll get two this morning. My apologies for that, but don’t worry; I don’t foresee this happening again.

Okay, here’s the rundown. I have a poem called “The Skeleton” that was published in the September 2011 issue of Spaceports & Spidersilk, a kids’ horror magazine put out by Sam Dot’s Publishing. For whatever reason (short backlog, glitch, who knows?), it’s no longer accessible in their archives. If I have a poem published, I’ll keep a link to it on my Find & Read My Published Works page. If the link goes dead, I like to repost the poem here on my blog so people can still easily read it, because generally you can’t get anyone to pick up an already published poem.

And this poem is definitely a spooky, Halloween-like poem, so this month seemed the perfect time to post it here. The problem is that it’s very short—four lines—and I felt sort of like a cheapskate putting a poem worth $2 (that’s how much they paid me, haha) as an entire blog post. But I do love the poem, I think there’s a great underrated beauty in simplicity, and I wanted it to have a post. What to do?

I got this crazy idea: I should add more value by pairing it with artwork (an idea I hijacked from my poetry organization’s yearly art and poetry exhibit Merging Visions). I immediately thought of my Twitter friend Andie Wolf, who is always posting pictures of the most stunning dark and lovely creations. Thinking it was way too short notice but why not at least ask, I emailed her and told her the deal. “I can’t pay, but I love your work, and I need it super fast” is basically what it boiled down to.

And being the aweseomesauce that she is, she said yes. And oh my spooks did she deliver!!

It’s perfect. It’s like she crawled into my brain and took a snapshot… but then made it prettier. Everything about the art leaves me in awe. Which is why I wanted the poem with the art to have their own post; I didn’t want them bogged down with this explanation. But I also felt the need for this explanation to introduce you all to Andie and tell you how amazing she is. Definitely visit her website and check out her other incredible art. (My personal fave, besides “Jiggly-Jaggly”, of course, is “Dripping Horn”.)

So now I’d like to send you over to that post to see and read the yumminess. (And I’m closing comments here so everyone will comment on that post instead, all in one place.) I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. And be sure to click on Andie’s picture to see all the details up close!

Much love,

Your Friendly Neighborhood Mistress of the Macabre ♥

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