My Vacation, an Alaskan Cruise

I was lucky enough to be invited on a one-week cruise to Alaska by my father-in-law and his wife. My husband and I went with them and my brother-in-law and his girlfriend, making six of us altogether. We left from Seattle, stopped in Ketchikan, Alaska, navigated up the Tracy Arm Fjord, stopped in Juneau, then Skagway, before coming back with an extra stop in Victoria, British Columbia. All said in done, it was a spectacular seven days, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.

But even as I was partying hard, I thought of you all. And my kitties. (Let’s be honest: mostly my kitties.) I took lots of pictures in hopes of sharing them with you when I returned. So without further ado, a photo-story of some of the things I did on vacation.

(Click photos to enlarge.)

I rode a really, really big ship called the Celebrity Infinity. 2,000 people. We’re talking floating city, people. It was a constant marvel to me that the water could even hold us.

I got all dressed up for dinner almost every night and ate at a very tasty, fancy restaurant with my family.

I saw the Sawyer Glacier in the Tracy Arm Fjord. In case you’re doubting that it’s really as gorgeous as this photo makes it seem: that little boat up ahead is a National Geographic vessel out taking photos. (The giant blue/white “mountain” in between the real mountains is the glacier. The little floating bits are icebergs – chunks of ice that broke off.)

I practiced my photography skills. My fingers were very cold; forgive me. A shot to show the difference between icebergs. The white one on the left is old and roughed-up. The teal one on the right is just broken off. They told us that they’re blue because that’s the only color wavelength that can penetrate all the way through the ice.

I rode a horse named Liberty in Skagway. He gave me a run for my money. He was so naughty he got put in horsey timeout. Luckily, I know just enough about riding to know that I don’t know nearly enough about riding, so I had no problem asking for help.

I relaxed just long enough to breathe and take in the stunning view.

I was completely smitten with the flowers. There were gardens everywhere we went, from Seattle to Alaska to British Columbia. I just couldn’t believe how pretty it was.

I did touristy things like pose with fake bears.

I kayaked the Tatoosh Islands with my hubby. Thank goodness we bought disposable waterproof cameras, because it rained and we got nicely drenched.

I communed with the sea. (I’m a poet; I can’t help it.)

And once again, I had my breath taken away by the view. This time in Victoria, BC, where the gardens would make my plants weep with envy.

I ate, drank, played, relaxed, adventured, sightsaw, explored, and shopped. The only things I didn’t do much of? Sleep and write. But hey, I have a whole lifetime for that. =)

Are any of you going on vacation this summer?

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  • I loved this. My husband OWES me a vacation, and we’ve been talking about Alaska for years. You have me even more intrigued. Not sure I want to kayak, though. Thanks for sharing!

    Hope Clark

    • Thanks Hope! Yes, I definitely recommend Alaska in the summer. I don’t know if I recommend going through a cruise though — I guess that’s just a matter of taste. Skagway was definitely my favorite town. Good luck getting your vacation! =)

  • TrudieMarie

    Just beautiful!!!  I must go water my flowers, now!  I’m so glad you got to go on this adventure! 

    • Your flowers are the closest to this that I’ve seen in Texas! You have some very lucky plants. =) But dang, I saw some Lantana that makes ours look like weeds.

  • Melissa Crytzer Fry

    Oh MY… Such stunning photos. I love that you posed with the bear. Such an inspirational place. Sounds like a much needed time-out as well. It looks like you had SO MUCH fun. I’ve been to Sitka Alaska and fell in love, myself. Thanks so much for sharing your adventure with us!

    • Thank you, Melissa! I did have fun. Now I just need to figure out how the heck to get back into “work mode.” We’ll see if that happens… =)~

  • Oh, and apparently the light fixture in the background of the second picture looks like Hub-a-dub is wearing a strange hat. Someone needs to Photoshop that out for me, lol!

  • KelsNotChels

    Oh, Annie, it looks FABULOUS!!! I’m so happy you shared with the rest of us!

  • -j-

    Wow! (I said that a lot looking at your photos.) I always think I wouldn’t like an Alaskan cruise because I’m such a baby about being cold. But it’s SO beautiful. Loved the shots of you too. Thank you so much for sharing your vacation with us! xoxo

    • I’m a baby about being cold too, for sure. Usually when I do neat things but am cold, I call it “type 2 fun,” meaning I’m sort of miserable at the time but look back at it with fond memories.

      • “Type 2 fun” is hilarious, and so true. I’m also a huge wimp about the cold, but sometimes you just have to endure it. I went to Acadia, Maine a couple Octobers ago and wore underarmor literally the entire time, but it was worth it. I just had to earn the fun a little.

        Love the pictures! I really need to make it to Alaska sometime.

        • Thanks Lura! I wish I could take credit for type 2 fun, but my husband heard it from one of his coworkers, and who knows where he got it? It really is true though!

  • Yep we’re pretty proud of all the “lovely” in Victoria.  Glad you loved it too.

    • As you should be! It would be an awesome place to retire, I would think.

  • Gorgeous photos! My husband used to live in Alaska and I’ve always wanted to visit… so nice to get to see some of it through your eyes!

    • Thanks Julia! Maybe someday you’ll get to go for yourself, too. =)

  • Was going to bug you for details at the meeting tonight, but this works! Jealous of course, the trip and the temps!

    • Let me tell you, it was quite the unpleasant change to come back to temps over 100 degrees and a broken AC unit. Luckily, we only had to live with that for a few days before we figured out what was wrong, but I’m definitely pining for Alaskan weather now!

  • amazing!! so pretty!

    • Thanks Feebs. And extra big special thanks for taking such good care of my kitties while I was gone!

  • Annie, this is beautiful. And it was fun reading your captions. Your vacation sounds perfect!

    My husband has always wanted to do an Alaskan cruise. I’m more of a warmer-climate kinda girl, but it looks so beautiful I told him not to leave me behind whenever he gets around to booking that cruise.

    • Thanks Milli! I’m more of a warm-climate girl myself, but this trip was a very generous gift. I don’t know that I ever would have chosen it on my own, so I’m glad they did, because I really loved it.

  • Such beautiful places, Annie – warms the heart (especially those flowers warmed my little floral artist heart 😉 )

    • Thank you! Victoria especially is a floral artist’s dream; you should try to go some time! =)

  • ICEBERGS. Looks like you had a fantastic time! 😀


  • How cool! The scenery is beautiful but I love seeing all those shots of you two. Makes you even more “real.”

    • Every bit as real as Alaska. 😉 (I totally know what you mean, though. That’s part of why I did it. I love getting peeks into my bloggy friends’ lives.)

  • Richardsfive

    Gorgeous pics! Looks like you had a wonderful vacation. Alaska is definitely on the LifeList for hubby and I. Once we get all these kids through college. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Regina! Good luck with that LifeList — sounds like a good idea.

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