What It’s Like To Be Married To a Writer

Back in February, erotic romance author Roni Loren shared a really interesting post: AmyBeth Iverness interviewed Roni’s husband Donnie on her blog. The post centered around what it was like to be married to an erotic romance writer.

Well, Febe Moss and I were absolutely smitten. Donnie’s answers were so much fun to read, and it instantly set us to wondering how our own husbands would reply to similar questions. To satiate that curiosity, we’ve decided to cook up a version of the same concept. Here, below, you will find Daniel’s answers about his wife, Febe. On Febe’s blog you will find my husband Kyle’s answers about me. We hope you enjoy!


Annie: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done to help your wife with writing?

Daniel: I really have not done anything that I would call “weird.” I brainstorm and read over some of her stuff. I read a lot of fantasy and my fantasy knowledge has helped with her current book. I often cook dinner for her (I make a mean cheddar biscuit), and clean the litter box for Noodles.

Annie: What’s your favorite thing she’s ever written?

Daniel: Despite my outright dislike of poetry, I would have to say two pieces that she did are my favorites. Both are poems, one being about her Dog Jules, while the other is about the contents of her mother’s purse. The bits and pieces she’s shown me of her current novel, “Kissing a gorgon” have been really funny too. Like laugh out loud funny.

Annie: What do you do with yourself when your wife is working on a big project?

Daniel: Read, play Red Dead Redemption on the PS3, TV, Videogames, Go to the library, Videogames, do laundry. Did I mention videogames?

‎‎Annie: How do you feel when people ask about your wife’s job?

Daniel: Well, I simply tell them that she is working in the Admin office at TWU for now, but she is working on a novel and would like to eventually write full time. I get a sense of pride when I tell people this. Febe is not just chasing a dream, she is making it a goal and really going for it.

Annie: What is the worst part of being married to a writer? The best thing?

Daniel: That is a loaded question. I find the best and worst thing are the same thing. On one hand, the worst is you have to pick up some slack. Do more around the house. Take care of things your partner normally might do, because she is away at a conference, at a writing group, or in her office writing. But, that is also the very best thing. Because each task is something she does not have to do. She can keep moving forward and achieving that goal she has set. Though it is extra work, it is also something that is helping your spouse get to where she wants to be.

Annie: And as we all know, every good writer has a cat or two. How do you and your writer’s cat get along?

Sir Daniel with Sir Noodles

Daniel: I love our little/big Noodles. He can be a pain at times due to his love of scratching furniture. He also requires A LOT of attention for a cat. He takes after his “Mommy” in the fact that whenever he gets in trouble, he stops and will look at us as if pretending he was not doing anything.

Annie: Thanks Daniel!


So many thanks to our wonderful husbands who took time out of their busy days to answer our silly questions and always support us in what we do. We love you guys!

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