The Circles of Bookdom: How an Idea Becomes Literary History

How Most Readers Think It Works:

How Most Writers Know It Actually Works:

(click to enlarge)

Just a little something to make you ponder, question, laugh, or sob. You know, depending on your point of view. (The sad thing is that even the big one probably leaves out a few steps, depending on the individual journey. Le sigh.)

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  • Pegab

    Love it—very clever!

  • Is this a chicken and egg scenario? Which came first, the idea or the writer? Do ideas come to us, or do we actually create them? Are the ideas more than what we write? XD

    (Answer: All of the above.)


    • I know! In fact, as I was making this chart/picture/thingy, I switched the two back and forth several times. I eventually settled on idea first since this charted book is supposed to make literary history in the outer ring, and to me, the truly inspired ideas almost seem to come from outside. But you’re right; it could easily be reversed.