Halloween, Poe, and “The Call of the House of Usher”

Happy Halloween! And for wiccans, blessed Samhain! I hope everyone has a fun, special, and safe holiday.

What Halloween goodies have I got on the blog for you this year? Well, I’m a busy, busy bee getting ready for an awesome four-day writing retreat with two of my best writing buddies, so I haven’t been able to plan anything spectacular. But that’s okay! There are still goodies for you to browse… but beware, because some are treats and some are tricks. Okay, not really. They’re all treats. Check out:

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Spookalishous poetry:
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And, the scarriest of all…

I have a horror short story coning out in this Edgar Allan Poe anthology: The Spirit of Poe. This story is my personal tribute to Poe, who’s one of my literary heroes. It’s called “The Call of the House of Usher,” and yes, of course it is in reference to Poe’s famous short story “The Fall of the House of Usher.” In fact, you can think of it as a sequel, if you’d like. The editors of the anthology said, “Excellent story. You’re in fine company in the anthology and deserving to be shown right next to Poe’s story that inspired you.” May I take a professional moment to react?


Okay. I’m good. But there’s so much to love here! For one thing, this is the first publication I’ve been in with professional pay. Now, this anthology is for an excellent cause (ALL proceeds go to save the The Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum in Baltimore, which has lost its funding from the city), so I plan on donating money back to the fundraiser. But receiving that payment is what allowed me to apply for membership in the Horror Writers Association – my professional organization.

Another short story published. Professional pay. Membership in the HWA. Supporting the best cause ever. And having my work appear right next to my literary idol’s. What more could I possibly ask for? I guess, when I think about it, I’m pretty content this Halloween. On that note, I’ll leave you with some of my love blogs to Poe. =)

Happy birthday, Mr. Poe.
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Merry tricking!

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  • A very happy Halloween and blessed Samhain to you! (Southern Hemisphere for me, so I get Beltaine 🙂 ) We watched Vincent Price perform The Tell-Tale Heart as one of our Halloween activities, and it just made me all kinds of excited about the particular word choices Poe always used so deftly! So awesome. 😀


    • Thanks Ashlee! Are you wiccan? I’m not, just very interested in it. =) I’ve heard so many people mention Vincent Price doing Poe’s work; I really need to look it up!