Originally posted on January 10, 2011 at 10:48 AM

It’s snowing! I’m up inordinately early so the plumber can do his thing, so I came into my office with Buttons to work for a few hours that I would usually be sleeping. But I gotta tell you, snow is a pretty big deal to a Texan. Even Buttons is enchanted.

The bulk of it came yesterday morning, while I was asleep, and when I woke up there was a pristine, fluffy blanket covering everything. That was kind of fun, like waking up to a brand new world, but this is cooler. It’s like seeing where magic comes from. How are all of these tiny, slow-moving little flakes floating around going to accumulate to such a solid coat of white? Cool.

The best part of winter is over (Christmas), and nothing new happens until Valentine’s Day, which hardly even counts as a holiday – peoples’ birthdays *ahem* notwithstanding – but this snow gives me some sense of encouragement that the rest of winter will be okay. Cold, but okay. Pretty, for a while, at least.

For those of you who don’t have snow, I’m sorry. Make believe? For those of you who do: enjoy your snow day.

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