So, Buttons is kind of a bitch.

Originally posted on June 27, 2010 at 8:20 PM

There, I said it. Now before you go thinking that I’m a horrible mother, let me clarify: I love her immensely, and I’m okay with the fact that she’s occasionally a bitch. And plus, it’s like dissing someone’s mother; it’s only okay to dis your own mom or nod along if it’s someone else’s. Better? (If you call Buttons a bitch, I’ll be pissed.)

I think all cats reserve the right to a certain level of bitchiness, as opposed to dogs, who are happy even when they shouldn’t be. Generally speaking, dogs like the people who come up to them acting really happy and excited, and cats want you to leave them the hell alone. They will initiate, thank you very much.

Our Buttons, from the time when she was a wee ‘lil thing, has been a biter. She loves nomming on things: stacks of paper, corners (of anything), fingers, wooden blinds, ankles… For a while, we thought it was a phase ‘cause she was a baby. Then it was a phase because she was teething. (It’s okay, her teeth are tiny and can’t do much damage to most things.) Now she’s just a bitch. Lol.

But no, not really. Lately, I’ve been watching “Big Cat Diaries” on animal planet (man I love that show!), and watching the lion cubs and leopard cubs has really made me realize something. Cats need to play, and for them, playing means joyfully trying to kill something. It’s instinct for them to attack things; that’s how they learn to hunt. When you watch those lion cubs, every single time one walks up to another, they’re automatically grappling with teeth and claws. Now, I know that Buttons is not a lion, but she is closely related to them genetically, and that drive to attack/hunt/play is still there.


When she’s lying down and someone comes up and puts their hand right in front of her to pet her on the head, her instinct is to grab it. She’s not being mean; she’s being a cat. Not all cats are as active, and she has become much less bite-y as she gets older, but I think she’ll be a biter for as long as she lives. And you know what? I’m okay with that. I’ve learned when it’s okay and not okay to pet her, and how. She knows that randomly biting with no provocation = punishment. We’ve reached a happy medium. And if you just visit instead of live here, you wouldn’t believe how sweet and snuggly she can be.

Hub-a-dub and the Butt when she was about 7 weeks.

Me and the Butt nowish.

Really, you can’t own a cat. The best you can do is live with a cat. We live with our little bitch Buttons, and you’re welcome to visit, but I’m warning you now: if you try to pet her and she doesn’t want it, beware your fingers.

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