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Originally posted on November 10, 2010 at 10:35 PM

It’s a wide-open future out there, with a lot of options. For those of you who are curious, I thought I’d break down my interests and non-interests. (Note: things I write may have elements of the list of “no” genres, but wouldn’t be classified as such.) And… I’m well aware that time changes things. I remember SWEARING to my mom when I was little that I would NEVER EVER be interested in gardening, but I’ve done quite a bit of it by now. So we’ll see. But here’s how I see it now, for all of 30 genres.

Genres I have written/would like to write some day:

• horror
• literary fiction
• gothic
• children’s lit
• poetry
• erotica
• humor
• urban fantasy (our world with a twist, a la LKH or Kim Harrison)
• women’s fiction
• slipstream
• bloggity-blog-blogging

Genres I can’t see myself ever writing:

• memoir
• sci-fi
• the “Tolkien” type of fantasy (more elves and dragons… I’m very picky about my fantasy)
• romance
• journalism
• chick lit
• crime fiction (neither detective nor true crime)
• mystery
• thriller/suspense
• steampunk/cyberpunk
• action/adventure

Genres still up for persuasion:

• select types of nonfiction
• historical fiction
• young adult
• literary criticism
• mainstream
• western
• autobiography
• scholarly essays

Aren’t quite sure what some of these are? (Hey, even industry profs can have trouble keeping up these days.) This website is rather useful, and there’s always Wikipedia!

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