Christmas Mice

Originally posted on December 13, 2010 at 2:45 PM

When it comes to Christmas animals, there’s one clear-cut winner in my book: Christmas mice.

The deciding factors of what makes an animal “Christmasy” could be up for grabs, so I’ll share my list: reindeer, donkeys, lambs, owls, swans, polar bears, penguins, kittens, puppies, mice, small birds (doves, cardinals, etc.), and woodland creatures (squirrels, hedgehogs, foxes, moose).

Donkeys and lambs count because of the nativity. Polar bears and penguins count because of Coke commercials. Reindeer ‘cause of Santa. Owls and woodland creatures because of winter décor, birds because of ornaments, kittens and puppies because of how cute they look as presents in stockings or with a big bow, and mice because of “The Night Before Christmas.” Frogs don’t count because they have no tie-in. Same with Kangaroos.

Some of you might be wondering why my personal favorite would be mice instead of kittens. The answer is simple: kittens are a year-round joy for me. Mice, although always cute, are simply cuter and more prominent during Christmas. Same with owls and penguins: I love them, but they’re almost always in the spotlight. Mice get one time a year to be fully recognized for all of their adorable squee-worthiness, and Christmas is it.

There’s something very sweet and endearing to me about the idea of a little mouse celebrating Christmas. “’Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.” All snug in his lil mouse bed. Aww.

Mice are unassuming. They don’t ask for much. They don’t want attention or presents or even to be invited to the party. They just want to hang around and nibble a few of the crumbs left unwanted. They’re adorable with their oversized ears and their wiggly little noses. Dark, expressive eyes and whiskers just like a kitty. Put them in a nightgown holding an old-fashioned candlestick or wrapped up in a scarf and overcoat, and the cuteness meter suddenly bursts. They’re just that sweet. Bottom line: mice are always nice, but Christmas mice are twice as nice.

Here’s hoping this Christmas (or winter, or whatever) finds you with several nice little mice tucked away in quiet corners.

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