Buttons galore!

Originally posted on June 8, 2009 at 12:02 PM

Sorry about the long delay, folks. I’ve been highly distracted by my new kitten, Buttons. What a joy. She’s rapidly adjusting to us and her new home. She’s not shy at all any more, particularly when we’re in the room. So, I thought I’d share some of her cuteness with you all.

She’s getting pretty good at jumping now; she can jump from the coffee table to the sofa and vice versa. She’s not quite as good at jumping up onto things, though, so she has to dig claws in near the top and then take a second hop to get over the edge. She hasn’t figured out that the top of the coffee table is slick instead of upholstered like the rest of the stuff, so when she tries to jump onto it from the ground she flips back. It’s hilariously cute. Every time.

She sleeps in two very sweet ways: with her two front paws tucked neatly under her chin, and in total abandon, sprawled out in crazy positions. Love it.

She hasn’t had any accidents on the carpet, that we know of, but it’s been close. When she’s about to go, she meows and scratches around the corners of the room. So I’ll run over to her, pick her up, and set her in the litter box. She’s catching on for the most part. And weirdly, she usually waits for us to be there before she’ll go. She must hold it all night, which is impressive for such a little kitty.

She loves the balls with bells in them and the laser-pointer, but so far we haven’t been able to get her into the giant “kitty tube” that Kyle’s mom gave us. It’s a big, hard, cardboard-like tube, like a huge, thick version of a wrapping paper roll. She’s afraid of the darkness in the middle, I think. Maybe when she’s older.

We also haven’t been too successful with her scratching board. It has catnip in it, which is supposed to make her choose it over the furniture, but it doesn’t work on her. We can get her to scratch it if we put the laser on it during a chase, but then she just gets all high and nutso and runs around crazy for a few minutes, before she crashes. That’s not good. If I catch her scratching furniture and move her to the board, she looks at me like I’m the dumb one. I think I’m going to get her one of those tall ones with rope wrapped around it.

The only two things that annoy me that she does: meowing pitifully when we leave (not cute or funny) and walking on our laptops when we’re using them (somewhat funny but still annoying). The first one she’ll grow out of, but it makes us feel like horrible people right now. She can’t sleep in our bedroom, because I’m too allergic for that, so we have to shut the door and leave her in the living room at night. She does not like that. It’s wearing my nerves raw to hear her cry so much. And the laptop thing is just frustrating—she changes our settings and closes our pages and all sorts of things. Last night she made it so that when Kyle typed the keys made loud, weird sound effects as he pushed them. *sigh*

Right now she’s on the ground by my feet, with her tiny chin on my toes. She’s also somehow covered in dust, so I’m going to go brush her fur for the first time. She’s a handful, but I love her.

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