Bad word warning; Grandma, look away!

Originally posted on March 16, 2010 at 6:02 PM

I left for the weekend, and when I came back to Denton it was spring. Grass is greening, flowers are fluffing, and the air is springing. (That’s right: I verbed it.) To quote one of my favorite real-life sentences of all time: It’s as lovely as a mother-fucker out here. Yeah, I went there. (You have to admit, it’s pretty hilarious that someone used “lovely” and the f-bomb in the same sentence… and wasn’t kidding.)

It really is lovely, and the poet in me wants to write about frolicking with kittens and climbing trees to un-stick kites. I won’t, though; don’t worry. Every writer and artist of all time seems to have tried to capture spring in all its glory. There’s just something about the rebirth of all things around us that captures our wonder, imagination, and joy year after year. And makes us want to capture it in return.

I say let’s embrace the silliness, the glee of this coming month’s growing warmth. Because it’ll only be two months before you’re complaining about how hot it is. And twelve before you get another chance. So go fly a kite. Seriously.

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