All Things Poetry Blog Series

Originally posted on March 31, 2011 at 4:59 PM


Poetry lovers, poetry haters, poetic followers, poetic debaters!
Poetry moguls, poetry paupers, poetic starters, poetic stoppers!
Poetry in verse, poetry rhymed, poetic scenes, poetry mimed!
Poetry professors, children, and takers…
Poetic variations on candlestick makers!
No matter your level, no matter your stance,
for this one month, let’s all take a chance
on poetry.

Poetry coughers, poetry sneezers, poetic babies, poetic geezers!
Poetry outbursts, poetry smiles, poetic messes, poetic styles!
Poetry free-verse, poetry metered, poetic balance, poetry teetered!
Poetry saviors, idols, and schmucks…
Poetic lines of proud yellow ducks!
No matter your hopes, no matter your rants,
for this one month, let’s all take a chance
on poetry.

Welcome to the All Things Poetry Blog Series! From now through May 13, I have a total of 20 amazing, fun-filled, info-packed, poetry-exploding blogs! For you! I’m going exclamation point bonkers, y’all!!!

Things you have to look forward to:

• 3 phenomenal guest posts
• 5 of my own poems (6 if you include the silliness above)
• several easy-access lists of all kinds
• a handful of great discussions
• a few “teaching” posts
• and wrapping up with my advice to beginning and advanced poets

And if you ever get behind, there’s a new category specifically for this series on the sidebar at the right. One click and they’re all there!

So this is the call. Spread the word. It’s going down. We are going to embark on a journey together and it is going to be beautiful. See ya there… er, here!

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