A Perfect Holiday Lighting Guidebook That All Must Follow or be Doomed

Originally posted on December 3, 2010 at 3:00 PM


November 1st – Thanksgiving = lights can go up but cannot be on

It is not Christmas yet. If you must decorate early because of scheduling, anal-retentiveness, or general overabundance of spirit: at least refrain from turning the lights on. It’s not fair to Thanksgiving if Christmas steals its thunder.

“Black Friday” – New Year’s Eve = lights can be on

Thanksgiving is over; Christmas has officially begun. Feel free to deck the halls and cheer the street.

New Year’s Day – January 31st = lights can be up but cannot be on

I actually think the lights should go off the day after Christmas, but some people like to leave them up for New Year’s parties, so I’m being lenient. I understand procrastination, but at least take your lights off the timer/unplug them. That’s not hard at all. Seriously.

February 1st – November 1st = lights cannot be up

I will personally hunt you down.

*Now, you might be wondering, “But… who makes these rules?” Clearly, I do. Happy – and technically correct timing for your – holidays!

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