Patrick at The Decorative Writer

This week I’m sharing a new photo album at The Decorative Writer: my author friend Patrick Ross. If you don’t follow him already (and you should!), you might remember him from a couple of years ago when he hosted me on his blog, The Artist’s Road. (My post was called “What the Heck Should I Call Myself Anyway?“) His blog is full of inspiring posts for creatives as well as beautiful personal posts about Patrick’s own journey as a writer. He recently had his memoir Committed: A Memoir of the Artist’s Road published, and if it’s anything like his website, I know it will be a great read.

I invite you all to take a look at Patrick’s office. It’s nice to have a more masculine space featured! From his collection of antique maps to the drool-worthy giant whiteboard that any organized writer would envy, his space is packed full of functional, nifty, and inspiring ideas. We’ll see you at Patrick’s album!

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The Good Stuff

Hello everyone. I’m happy to share some good stuff with you today.

Out Now

My flash story “Hide” is out now in Issue #43 of Black Static magazine! You can view a teaser of my story’s spread as well as read the opening lines right here.


If you’d like to read my story (plus work by other great writers!), you can subscribe to Black Static or order individual copies direct from TTA Press. The print copies haven’t shipped yet, so if you subscribe now you’ll get them soon! Or if you just can’t wait, you can also find the Kindle edition of issue #43 on Amazon. (You don’t actually need to have a Kindle; anyone with a computer or e-reader of any kind can get the free app.)

Coming Soon

I’m thrilled to announce that my creepy short story “The Cottage of Curiosities” will be in the anthology Strange Little Girls by Belladonna Publishing, out in 2015!


I once was a strange little girl. Now I just write about them. Strangely.


And finally, just in case you missed it, I have a new post up in my Twitter column series at Writer Unboxed. I’m stirring the pot with “The Great Twitter Debate: Should You Follow Back?” I’d love to see all you Twitter users there!

Happy November. <3

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We Have Winners

Photo by Stephanie Massaro

Happy Halloween!!

We have winners for the All Hallows Read giveaway. Drawn at random, the three winners are:

Cynthia Robertson
Ian McMillan
Nina Badzin

Congratulations! I’ll be emailing you three shortly to find out which book you’d like. You can choose between The Shining, the collected works of Poe, or House of Leaves. (Or a different recommendation as needed.)

Thanks so much to all who read, commented, shared, and entered. I’ve had a blast sharing October with you. Have a fantastically spooky Halloween,


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Listen to Jack and the Bad Man at Pseudopod

Hi everyone,

I’m super excited to share the audio recording (podcast) of my Halloween short story “Jack and the Bad Man” at Pseudopod! The story just went up. You can listen to it for free right from the Pseudopod website by pushing the play button at the bottom of the post there.

Art by Ken Lamug. Click to enlarge.

Custom art by the talented Ken Lamug. Click to enlarge.

This was the first short story I ever had published, and I’m still really proud of it. Rikki LaCoste did a superb job narrating this tale. (He also happens to be a very nice guy who worked with me to pronounce my last name right, so if you’ve ever wondered, now’s your chance.) There are sound effects and everything – just the right amount. All together it makes for a pretty special podcast. I’m absolutely thrilled with how it turned out.

Back when “Jack and the Bad Man” appeared in Underneath the Juniper Tree, artist Ken Lamug illustrated the tale. I’ve put one image above, but you can visit the October Issue to see all four of his exquisite illustrations. (I recommend listening first, since some of Ken’s art contains spoilers.) Art and audio? Boy am I one lucky writer.

The podcast is only ten minutes long, and it’s bound to get you into the Halloween spirit. I really hope you’ll go listen to it, and if you enjoy it, please share!

Because Pseudopod doesn’t have comments – and my All Hallow’s Read book giveaway is still going on – feel free to come back here to comment. You can be entered to win once per blog post up through the 30th, including this one. (This will be the last post before the giveaway results are announced on Halloween.)

I hope you enjoy listening to “Jack and the Bad Man” as much as I have. (Have I mentioned that I’m excited? I’m excited.) Happy, happy October to you all,


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